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3 Fence Types To Consider For Your Home

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Picking out a new fence for your home can often be a daunting task because there are so many different materials to select from that can each deliver their own unique set of benefits. Listed below are three great fence options that you should really consider adding to your home.


One of the single biggest reasons to consider a wood fence is that it is often going to be the most aesthetic pleasing option available to you. This is because a wood fence can be built out of a large number of different wood types that will each impart their own unique colors and patterns to your fence. In addition, wood fences are very easy to customize with decorative pictures or carvings, which means that you can easily make your home stand out from the crowd.

However, the wood fence does have a downside in that you will have to spend more time maintaining it than other types of fencing. This is because you must periodically apply a sealant to the fence in order to keep the wood from rotting due to moisture.


A brick fence is one of the most durable and secure fencing options available. In many cases, a brick fence or wall will easily last for decades with minimal maintenance on your part. When you do have to maintain a brick wall, you really only have to worry about washing the dirt off and making sure that any weeds or other plants are not growing up the side of the wall.

The downside to a brick fence or wall is that it is going to be the most time-consuming fence to build. While a vinyl or wood fence can often be completed in a few days or weeks, a brick wall will typically take much longer to complete.


Finally, a vinyl fence is a great choice for anyone that wants a solid, durable, and relatively maintenance-free fence. A reason that vinyl is free of most types of maintenance is that it is not susceptible to rotting from moisture so you will not have to worry about sealing the fence. When maintenance is required, you will typically only have to use a hose to spray debris and dirt off of the surface of the fence.

A vinyl fence is typically very durable as well in that it can stand up to high winds and insects. Insects, such as termites and beetles, can quickly destroy a wood fence. However, since vinyl is inorganic, the termites and beetles are unable to feed upon the fence or bore into it.

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