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Temporarily Containing Your Dog on Your New Home's Property

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If you had just moved into a new home, and you have a dog that enjoys spending time outside, you may want to consider installing a temporary fence. Installing a temporary fence is a quick fix that will help you keep your dog safe until you are able to get a contractor to your home to install a permanent fixture. There are a few temporary fencing options available to someone who wishes to keep a dog contained within one portion of their property. Here are some of the benefits of each type in an attempt to help you choose which would be best for your dog.

Plastic or Wood Fencing

If you wish to give your dog a temporary area to stay inside while giving your yard a pleasing look in the process, plastic or wood fencing may be the solution. These come in a variety of colors and heights. This fence uses posts you place into the ground. You then add pickets to give your dog an aesthetically pleasing area to keep them contained. This non-permanent fencing option can be purchased at a hardware store. The fencing layout allows for change should you decide to expand or decrease the area the dog uses to run around. This type of fence is best used for smaller dogs as larger ones may be able to push the fencing over if it is not properly secured into the ground.

Flexible Mesh Fencing

Many people use mesh fencing around their swimming pool or a trampoline since you can see through the material to make sure the people using the amenity remain safe. The same concept can be used for your dog. You will be able to monitor your dog's activities from the other side of the mesh fence and your dog will enjoy being able to gaze upon other areas of the yard and neighborhood. It is difficult for a dog to climb as the holes making up the fence are too small to grip with paws. The material is also flexible, making it unstable to climb.

Invisible Dog Fencing

If you prefer to keep your property cleared until you can have a fencing contractor install a permanent fence, you can try using an invisible dog fence to train your pet to stay within boundaries. This requires you to bury small posts along the perimeter of the area you wish your dog to stay inside. These will emit radioactive signals to a collar your dog wears when outdoors. If your dog gets too close to the perimeter, it will be given a painless jolt that will usually stop the dog from continuing toward the edges of the yard. This option can be used with any dog size and is a great precursor for keeping your dog from trying to dig or climb their way out of the yard after a permanent fence installation.