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Keeping Your Neighbor From Spying On Your Backyard Activities

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If you have a neighbor who you have seen peeking over into your backyard to see what you are doing, you will most likely want to take steps in having them shut out from being able to spy so freely. A snooping neighbor can become a big annoyance, necessitating you to take action in stopping them from being able to satisfy their curiosity. Here are some ways you can deter a nosy neighbor from watching you while you are in your backyard.

Hire A Landscaper

Call a landscaping artist to come to your assistance in keeping others from seeing into your yard with the placement of natural blockades. A landscaper can build a retaining wall on the perimeter of your property which would make it more difficult for others to see what you are doing as there would be a structure in their way. Another idea is to plant several bushes or trees along your property line in an attempt to keep your neighbor from having an unobstructed view of your backyard. While this will not shut off the area completely, it will make it more difficult for your neighbor to spy, possibly making them frustrated enough to give up altogether.

Install A Privacy Fence

If you wish to block the entire yard from view, a privacy fence may be the best way to keep neighbors from being tempted to look your way. A privacy fence can be installed by a professional fencing installation service. Ask them what their recommendations are regarding the material they use for the fence's construction as you will want it to match your home's decor as well as have it appear nice from the exterior of the fence. Most people will opt for a wood fence made from wide panels as there will be little chance of someone trying to look in between the tiny cracks between each one.

Have A Friendly Conversation

Gently bring up the topic of spying to your neighbor the next time you see them outside. You may find they weren't trying to be annoying, but rather were watching over your property to make sure there was nothing out of the ordinary going on that would require their assistance. Some people are genuinely concerned about others and they may be on the lookout for an accidental injury or another emergency.

Voicing your concern may be enough to get your neighbor to stop watching so much. If the behavior continues, you may want to consider installing an alarm system and alerting local authorities. The police may give them a visit or they may patrol your area a bit more frequently to make sure you and your property are safe.