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Two Tips For Getting The Most From Your Company's New Fence

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Securing your company's  property against thieves, vandals and the homeless may require the installation of a fence. While fences can come in a number of different types and styles, chain link fencing can be both highly effective at keeping unauthorized people off of the company's property. However, it is no secret that installing any type of fence can be a major investment, and it is important to make sure that you are maximizing the returns to your enterprise for this upgrade. To this end, you can use the following tips for getting the most from your company's new fence.

Secure The Top Of The Fence

A fence can greatly enhance the difficult for individuals that are trying to enter your property without permission. However, it is possible for individuals to scale these fences. To avoid this, you will need to secure the top of the fence. Using barbed or razor wire can be effective solutions to this problem. Additionally, you should consider installing security cameras along the top of the fence. This vantage point can provide exceptional coverage of the property, which will make it easier for you to identify any criminals that may be able to make it through your fence.

Speak With Your Insurance Company

Investing in a chain link fence can be a sizable expenditure, but it should be noted that speaking with your insurance company may help to provide your company with some valuable savings to help offset this investment. Many insurance carriers will provide clients with discounts for an assortment of security upgrades to the property. By speaking with your insurance agent, you can determine whether a fence will lower your monthly premiums, and if it will, the agent can tell you the minimum height requirements to qualify for these savings.

Check Local Zoning Laws

There are many communities that have zoning laws that govern the maximum height that a fence can be. While this may not seem like a serious regulation to violate, it can have serious consequences for your enterprise. For example, violating this zoning regulation can result in your company being fined until the fence is adjusted or neighboring properties may file lawsuits to have the fence lowered.

Protecting your company from harm will often require securing the surrounding property with a fence, and this upgrade can represent a major investment of company resources. By understanding the need to secure the top of the fence, check local zoning laws as well as the taking advantage of insurance discounts for this type of upgrade, you will be better suited to make sure that your company's investment in a fence goes smoothly and productively.