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The Perks Of Vinyl Farm Fences

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When most people think of farm fences, they think of wooden rail fences. These are often used in farms because they are strong, lightweight and functional. However, wood can be problematic as it weathers and weakens over the years. Over the lifetime of a wooden fence, you will probably need to repaint it a few times. If you want the look of wood, but not all the maintenance, vinyl might be the perfect solution. This article explains the features and perks of vinyl fencing. It might be perfect for your situation and you might even find that you can self-install your fence.

Vinyl Looks Authentic

Vinyl fences have great textures and prints. Fake wood texture is obviously the most popular for fences. You can find farm fences with solid white finish and wood textures. Or, you can find even more detailed products that have natural wood colors, complete with very real-looking knots and grains. When you are near the fence and touching it, you will be able to tell that it is not real wood. However, the fence will look like the genuine product when you view it from the street. Vinyl fences are also convenient because they are modular. The posts and rails are pre-cut and they fit together with minimal tools. All of the screws and fasteners will be included in the packaged kit. Vinyl is also very lightweight. So, you can install on your own with ease.

Vinyl is Weatherproof

Vinyl is perhaps the most user-friendly farm fencing product available. Not only is it easy to install, it is also easy to keep up over the years. The smooth surface of vinyl makes it resistant to moisture, dirt and termites. No amount of rain will swell, water log or warp your fence rails or posts. Also, since the surface it so smooth, dirt and dust are less likely to stick to it. Vinyl fences definitely don't need to be cleaned as often as other materials. If you do need to clean your fence, the best method is to just spray it down wit your hose. Vinyl is dyed, rather than painted, meaning that the finish is mostly fade-resistant. Compared to painted wood fences, vinyl will hardly fade at all over the years.

If you want the easiest farm fence to keep up, vinyl is a great material. Farm owners will love the durability and ease of maintenance. Contact a company like Lindsey Fence Co for more information.