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3 Signs Of Roof Damage To Look For After A Storm Blows Over

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When  storm blows over and you suspect there may be damage to your home, one of the first places that you will want to look is the roof. There are many different ways a storm can cause damage to your roof, such as rain, wind and hail. Sometimes this damage can be difficult to spot. Here are some tips to help you spot the damage on your roof after a storm blows over your home:

1. Missing Shingles And Signs Of Wind Damage After A Storm

One of the most noticeable signs of storm damage can be damage due to winds. This can easily be seen if you have shingles that have been completely blown off your roof, or there may be shingles that have been blown up and the tabs are showing. The wind damage can cause tears in the shingles or work them loose from your roof. To repair the wind damage, you will need to replace any of the roof that has been exposed to the wind, which is commonly only the side of the roof that was exposed to wind during the storm.

2. Pitting In Shingles And Signs Of Hail Damaging Roofing Materials

If the storm that came through your home caused hail, it can sometimes damage the shingles on your roof. You may be able to see obvious pitting from the ground, but sometimes hail damage is not clearly visible. If you cannot see the pitting but suspect there is still a problem, you can get on the roof to look closer for any signs that the shingles have been damaged and need to be replaced.

3. Aggregate Granules Being Worn Off Shingles Due To Heavy Storm Rains

Another problem that you may have with a heavy storm is the rains causing the granules to be washed off the roof. This can be a common problem in areas where a lot of water runs off the roof, such as valleys where different roof elevations meet. It can also be due to a roof that is old and probably needs to be replaced. If you want to fix wear problems, you may want to consider adding flashing to the areas that get excessive runoff.

These are some tips to help you spot the damage after a storm blows over your home. If you need help with repairs and inspecting your roof, contact a roofing supply service, like Harrington & Company, to get the materials you need for repairs after the storm blows over.