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Make Your Iron Fence More Welcoming And Warm

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Iron fencing can finish your property and secure it for many, many years before you ever face the need to replace it. If you are worried that iron fencing will make your home appear less inviting and warm, know that you can soften the appearance of the fencing with plants. Below, you will learn a few ways to use plants on and around the iron fence to create a warm and welcoming feel.

Flower Beds

Flower beds come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and forms. You can simply plant a bed at the base of the fencing using various plants, or you can create a layered bed at the base of the fencing to raise the bed off of the ground and draw the eye away from the fencing and to the different heights of plants growing in your bed.


Vining plants can climb the iron fencing and really soften the appearance quickly. One such plant is the Morning Glory. These vines grow quickly and have big, beautiful blooms that last through the spring and summer.

Vines sometimes need a little help climbing the fence. As they begin to shoot out, wrap them around the fencing or use growing lines to direct the vines to grow upward rather than outward.


Evergreen shrubs around the fencing will give you something green around your fencing year-round. Planting various evergreens at different points around the fencing will soften the appearance of the fence by providing a point of attraction other than the fence itself.


Flower baskets can be hung at the top of the fencing to really create a much softer look. Use wicker or wood baskets overflowing with your favorite flowers, as well as some plants that will overflow and hang from the sides.


Have you ever seen the boxes that people hang on the railings of their decks and porches? These same boxes can be hung over the top of your iron fencing. You can extend the box the entire length of the fence, as well as just hanging one every few sections or so.


After you have the flowers and plants in place, install some up-lighting to brighten the space throughout the night. The up lighting will not only illuminate the flowers and plants, it will help give you visibility at night and decrease the likelihood of anyone trying to jump your fence without being seen.