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Vinyl Is Great For All Fences, Even Automated

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Vinyl fences are often used in residential construction because they are so affordable. Most commonly, vinyl fences are solid panels. Some people don't necessarily like this style of fence, especially when it comes to a commercial setting. However, not all vinyl fences are like this. Vinyl fence companies actually make all types of fences, from rail, to veranda, to pickets. Reinforced vinyl can even be used on automated fences. Basically, vinyl is a great material for any type of fence. This article will explain why vinyl might be a perfect solution for a commercial fencing project, installed by a company like Phoenix Fence, Co.

Fully Customizable

Vinyl fence manufacturers are able to build custom fences to perfectly fit your property. Vinyl fences are mostly modular, but the can be reinforced to fit building codes. If you were to have a metal fence installed on your property, the builders would be welding the post and rails. But, when you have a vinyl fence installed, workers attach modular fittings that secure the various pieces with hardly any tools. This is an advantage to many property owners because they realize how much easier it is to take down a vinyl fence. So when the time comes to redesign your property or alter your fence, the process is much cheaper than if you have metal fences installed.

And since vinyl fences can be customized, they can be made into rolling and gate fences. Vinyl fence posts are hollow so they can be securely wired with automation elements, as well as any security wiring.

Vinyl is Waterproof

One of the biggest drawback of metal fences is that rust can form on them. This can look bad but also reduce the stability and strength of the fence over the years. If your fence is always being hit with the sprinkler water, rust can form very quickly. Vinyl, on the other hand, is not bothered by water. The smooth surface will simply repel any water. Even if a vinyl fence is submerged in water for a long time, water will not effect it. The waterproof qualities of vinyl also makes it very easy to clean. You can easily clean a vinyl fence with soap and water to restore the shine and knock away any dirt.

Vinyl is definitely a product that will require less maintenance than metal. It is also very durable and stylish so many commercial property owners are turning to it instead of metal.