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3 Tips To Help Add Height To Your Privacy Fence Without Going Over Limits And Regulations

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A privacy fence can be a great addition to your home for more security. In some areas, building codes and regulations may hamper the height that you need to give you the privacy you want. There are ways to get around these rules, such as using non-fixed materials or adding plants that give you a green privacy fence at the height you want. If you have issues with the allowed height of your privacy fence, here are some of the solutions you may want to consider to make it a little higher: 

1. Use Attached Non-Permanent Materials To Extend Height

There are many temporary type materials that you can use to extend the height of a fence, such as, rolls of reed or lattice. This extension of your fence can be non-permanent; meaning that it can be removed or will eventually need to be replaced. This solution is often used with masonry walls that are used as fencing and subject to height limits. You can do this with other types of fencing too.

2. Give Your Fence Height With The Addition Of A Green Privacy Screen

Green privacy screens give height to your fence with the addition of plants. One way to do this is by using a vertical garden that is attached to your fence and train plants to grow up the fence and give height and privacy. Another option that you may want to consider is to use tall plants that can outgrow your fence, such as evergreens like juniper. If you want to use trees or shrubs, it is a good idea to use tall plants that have a fast growth rate, which will quickly give you the privacy you need. It may also help to keep the plants trimmed to promote new growth and shape them to a design.

3. Add Privacy Screens To Your Garden In Strategic Locations

It may not be possible to do some of these solutions right at the fence-line. In these cases, you can use privacy screens that are located inside the garden in strategic locations. You may also want to consider using other landscaping architecture, such as arbors and archway entrances, which can give you a place for climbing plants that can help reduce visibility and give you the privacy that you are looking for. You may want to add these features around an outdoor sitting area, pool or other spaces.

If you have issues with the height of your privacy fence, you may be able to get around the regulations using some of these ideas. Contact a fencing supplies service (such as Bracci Fence Inc) to get the materials you need to extend the height of your fence.