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Four Ways To Improve The Aesthetics Of A Chain Link Fence

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A chain link fence is often the most durable and budget-friendly way to enclose your yard. But these fences don't provide the same level of privacy as slat fences, and some homeowners may find them a seemingly less attractive option than their other choices. Fortunately, there are several ways to jazz up a chain link fence and completely transform its appearance. Read on for four ways you can improve the aesthetics of a chain link fence. 

Use Colored Fencing Options

While many chain link fences are silver or white, there are other colors available. A shiny black, a dark blue, or even a bright red or yellow can be an easy way to add some sophistication or a pop of color to your fence. You may even want to alternate colors from panel to panel to give your yard a one-of-a-kind look. For example, a daycare with a chain link fence of alternating primary colors will give off a fun vibe.

Invest in a Vinyl Coating

Vinyl-coated chain link fences last longer than traditional chain link fences and are available in a wide range of attractive colors. You may want to select a dark green fence that easily blends into the grass or trees or one of the colors listed above.

Add Wooden Rails 

Most chain link fences include interwoven fence panels mounted between metal posts with top (and sometimes bottom) rails for additional support. But there's no requirement that these posts be metal; you may be able to replace them with wooden posts or use pieces of wood veneer to sit atop the metal posts and provide the appearance of a wooden fence. Treated wood can be just as durable as vinyl-coated aluminum when properly cared for, so choosing this option doesn't necessarily mean that your fence components will age at different rates.

Add Wooden Slats

One way to improve your fence's appearance and the level of privacy it provides is by weaving wooden slats through the fence's channels to block others' view. This can be a handy option for homeowners with nosy neighbors, curious pups, or a yard that faces a heavily-traveled street. Using thin slats can provide the same level of privacy as a fully wooden fence while significantly reducing your total cost—depending on the amount of time you have on your hands and your desire to DIY, you may be able to use a chain link fencing contractor to perform the tough work of fence installation while placing the slats yourself later at a cost of next to nothing.