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Is It Time To Repair Your Fence? 4 Clear Signs To Check Out For

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A firm and attractive fence line can transform your property in terms of its value, beauty, and security. It can even earn you some great points with the neighbors, tenants, and potential buyers. However, when your fence begins to wear out, it can have opposite impacts. This makes timely fence repair services paramount.

Your fence will always show minor damage, and without a repair service, it will gradually turn into significant damage right in front of your eyes. Take a look at some of these signs that show you need to repair your fence.

1. Apparent Slanting and Heaving

Typically, your fence is evenly distributed between poles and posts. You are likely to notice if the distances between the poles are uneven easily. This mostly happens when the foundations and footings begin to wear off, affecting the fence's integrity. It could indicate sinking foundations that force the fence line to slant and heave. Wooden fences will warp and slant after being exposed to water for a long time.

2. Pest Infestation

Wood fences, in particular, are notorious for attracting and accommodating pests. However, it can take some time to notice the damage, and before you know it, the deterioration may be beyond saving.

One sign that should tell you to call in the fence repair services is visible swollen spots on your posts. You could spot holes and structural damage caused by pests such as termites eating through the fence. Another obvious sign is spotting the insects crawling on the fence. Take action immediately to avoid further deterioration.

3. Deteriorating or Broken Boards

Boards on your fence line are part of the reason your fence stays erect and firm. Without these boards, your fence could easily crumble. Over time, the boards could break or weaken since they are exposed to external elements such as water, physical force, and weather elements. Before your fence begins to fall apart, consider calling the fence repair services to fix the deteriorating boards.

4. Peeling Paint and Rust

Peeling paint and visible rust is unsightly and could leave a negative impression on your visitors. Peeling paint may also indicate underlying problems such as warping wood. On the other hand, rust could be a clear sign that your wrought fence is structurally weak and compromised.

The fence repair experts will act quickly to prevent further deterioration by cleaning out the rust and applying anti-rust products. You might require a new paint job for both rust and peeling paint.

Scheduling a fence repair gives you the perfect opportunity to enhance your fence's design, color, materials, and sometimes even the entry location. With all these advantages of timely fence repair, you should always hire repair professionals if you notice these warning signs.

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