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3 Professionals To Consult With Before Building A Loft In A Room With Cathedral Ceilings

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If you own a house with a cathedral or double height ceiling and need additional living space, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to build a loft? A loft can give you additional space for a home office, a guest bedroom, a hang-out room for your children, or many other reasons. You can install a spiral staircase to reach the loft and cut down on the amount of floor space that will be needed in the room below. Read More»

3 Tips For Getting An Accurate Fencing Estimate

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If you have decided that you would like to add a fence to your property to add curb appeal, improve security, provide a place for your kids or pets to play or just give yourself a little more privacy, then you could be wondering just how much a project like this is going to cost. Of course, the cost of putting in a fence on your property can vary widely based on everything from the size of your property to the type of fence that you choose to the contractor who you hire for the job. Read More»